Northern Nightingale-Wren - Microcerculus philomela

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 Nightingale-Wren - Microcerculus philomela
NF Photo 110201 at Heliconia Lodge

The name is mostly without the "Northern"
About Northern Nightingale-Wren at IBC Bird
singing that´s what "my" bird did. :)


This bird is for Sprignman who thought last weeks birds was a bit too colorful. So, here is a dull one. You can also look at the Grey Hawk in the post prior to this one. :)
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11 kommentarer:

  1. Nice photo and all birds are beautiful - colorful or not!

  2. Another wonderful bird I had never heard of. I really must buy another bird book. Many thanks for sharing.

  3. Like Andrew - never have heard about this bird - so it's so interesting to see it here:)

  4. Ja, ´skönheten´ sitter nog i sången, och det räcker väl rätt långt ibland? Nästan skönt med ett avbrott bland alla färggranna fåglar! *ler Ingvar

  5. ANother Great Bird---thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful hummingbird header and the wren is great. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Pretty -- even if not colorful -- we were away and I missed last week's WBW so now I have to go scroll around and find the colorful bird you posted then.

  8. Never a dull bird?! I've learned my lesson.
    I am starting a campaign to create the last Wednesday in March as LBB appreciation day the world over. We're going to make our own Little Brown Bird feeders and everyone gets to dress up as their favorite little brown bird for the day. I want to be a White Throated sparrow this year. Where can I find some yellow eye shadow?

    This definitely cured my writers block!

  9. Andrew, Birds of Costa Rika are a good one for those birds.

    Springman...I love to join in. :)

    Gary, glad you liked my header. :)
    Thanks everyone. :)

  10. Nice capture of this "dull" little bird!

  11. What a beautiful voice, what an insteresting look, what an original name! I didn't know anything about the Northern Nightingale Wren. Thank you very much for this beautiful and informative post!


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