No ID:s

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3)    Maybe Broad-winged H
Not clue

4)   Broad-winged Hawk
7)    No clue

9)    is it a trogon?  Photo 110129 Reserve Biologica le Selva
Squirrel Cuckoo

10) ?  110130 at Gavilan Lodge
Dusky-face Tanager
11)  Linda Vista 110130 Is it White-lined Tanager? or white shouldered?
Withe-shouldered Tanager

12) 110202  in Solimar. A tiger heron??? Or a Great Blue?
Bare-throated T.Heron

13) 110202,  2 birds on the ground in a medow before we came to Solimar ranch. I remember you thought they were special.
Plain-breasted G-Dove
14)  ?? in Solimar Tricolored Heron

15)  faciated tiger heron juv maybe?? also Solimar
Bare-T tiger Heron

16) What on earth is this???  Oropendola??

17)  110129 Reserve Biologica le Selva, a flycatcher??

18) Salines close to La Ensenada 110202 (roadside hawk??)

18) A bird sitting in a treetop. Flycatcher??  Salines close to La Ensenada 110202

19 unknown I think it is the same bird. La Ensenada 110203 it seems to have  a yellow top on head.

20) La Ensenada 110203 I remember these bids but I had the memory of a blue bird. It does not really fit the flycatchers as the black part goes much below the eye.

21) well, bad shot, but might be possible to  indentifie. La Ensenada in a treetop

22) among the flowers was this orange colored bird. La Ensenada 110203

23) La Ensenada 110203 Looks like a songbird

 24) La Ensenada 110203 on the countryside

25) La Ensenada 110203 on the countryside

26) NF Photo 110204 Tarcoles River , Jungle Crocodile safari

27) NF Photo 110204 Flycatcher maybe??  Villa lapas Mountain forest

28)  NF Photo 110207 morning Suria road

29) NF Photo 110207 morning Suria road

30) NF Photo 110207 morning Suria road

31) NF Photo 110207 morning Suria road

32) NF Photo 110207 Savegre

33)  NF Photo 110210 Rancho Naturalista   Baltimore Oriole female????

 34) NF Photo 110209 Naturalista

35)  NF Photo 110209  Naturalista
36) NF Photo 110213 Panama
37) NF Photo 110213 Panama
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  1. Not clue
    Broad-winged Hawk
    Not clue
    Squirrel Cuckoo
    Dusky-face Tanager
    Withe-shouldered Tanager
    Bare-throated T.Heron
    Plain-breasted G-Dove
    Tricolored Heron
    Bare-T tiger Heron

    I apologize for not answer you before, my internet was not working


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