Brown Jay - cyanocorax morio - Psilorhinus morio

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Brown Jay, probably a young one 
NF Photo NF Photo 110129 at Linda Vista

Problems with ID:ing birds. One think that ID:ing a bird from these shots would be easy. Well. Maybe if you are a pro, but I am not. I think it is a Brown Jay. Pretty sure of that. But.....

In the book I have, the adult Brown Jay has grey legs, bill and eye-ring. The juvenile has yellow bill and eyering. The book don´t mention the legs of the juvie.  And scientific name is cyanocorax morio.

In the birdlist I recieved from the agency the scientific name of Brown Jay is
Psilorhinus morio. (This link goes to wiki.)

From animal pictures:
Brown Jays vary in plumage geographically: there are two main groups. Northern birds are almost completely dark brown, with lighter brown on the underparts. Southern birds are white-bellied and have bright white tips to the outer tailfeathers. The intergrade zone is in Veracruz.
Adults in both populations have black bills, legs, and feet. Immatures have yellow bare parts, including yellow eye-rings.
Seems like this bird has two scientific names and that the species is devided in two grops, a bit different in coloring of the belly. The intergrade zone is in Veracruz.

 So, my bird with black bill, yellow legs and eyering is probably a youngster from the south as the tail feathers have white tips. Or maybe it is a third spieces. Who knows?

World Bird Wednesday XXXVI
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13 kommentarer:

  1. A lovely bird to see... and thanks for all the information.

  2. He has the Jay look of aggression. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Great bird and photo. Congrats on your sighting.

  4. It is not always easy to ID birds from books at least you have great photos to help you with that.

  5. I am never too sure what I am looking at so I just say "Here's another bird I saw." Occasionally I feel pretty confident with my ID as I did with my WBW post of today, since it is a backyard bird. Costa Rica? I wouldn't even attempt. Nice pictures all.

  6. He's certainly a beautiful bird! Great captures!

  7. NFBOCR is always great fun but IDing here can be rough! Great post ;-)WBW

  8. As fotos estão muito boas, como as de um profissional!

  9. NFBOCR, what is it short for?

    As fotos estão muito boas, como as de um profissional! =Bilderna är mycket bra, som ett proffs!

  10. NFBOCR....
    NatureFootstepBirdsOfCostaRica Silly!


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