Fasciated Tiger-Heron - Tigrisoma fasciatum

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Fasciated Tiger-Heron - Tigrisoma fasciatum
NF Photo NF Photo 110130,  Rio san Jose in Costa Rica

About Fasciated Tiger-Heron on Ornithos, a little info and a video.
The Fasciated Tiger-heron is a Ciconiiforme bird from Ardeidae family.
Lengh - 25.6 in. / 65 cm.
Still not so much information about this bird. Birders call it a "ghost bird".
Lives around clean rivers and streams in the forest. Prefer rocky rivers. Lives alone and disappear quickly flying along the river when notice human presence.

BPW 149
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5 kommentarer:

  1. Great bird! Though I have to admit when I first read the blog title, I thought it said "Fascinated" tiger heron.

    Well, I'm fascinated, even if the bird isn't.

  2. Very interesting coloring on the Heron. Nice photos!

  3. Very nice photos of the Tiger-Heron! You were lucky to see this "ghost bird"

  4. I didn't have time to try to find your Watery Wednesday post so I'll post here. These are great shots. Interesting bird.

  5. A "ghost bird" as BK says, my first Fasciated TH for Panama was last year, after 15 years birding!


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