Yellow-faced Grassquit - Tiaris olivacea

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Yellow-faced Grassquit, male - Tiaris olivacea
NF Photo NF Photo 110129 at Heliconias Lodge

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A nice little bird and I wish I had seen the female as well. But it seem to be a rule somewhere that females are not visible. :(
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Bird Photography Weekly 156
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4 kommentarer:

  1. Great photo and I really like the way the bird is sitting on the rock among the vegetation.

  2. Woow .. vilken vacker fågel och vilken kanon bild du har fått på den :) Härligt att få se fåglar som man aldrig skulle få se annars :)

  3. Cool bird! Kind of like the opposite of a mullet, this one's all party in the front and kind of drab in the back. :)


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