Yellow-headed Caracara - Milvago chimachima - Gavião-carrapateiro

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Yellow-headed Caracara - Milvago chimachima
 NF Photo 110204
Tarcoles River , Jungle Crocodile safari

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Den här rovfågeln från Costa Rica ser ju mest ut som en gam på min bild, men den hör till falkarna.
This bird of prey looks a lot like a vulture on my shots, but it belongs to the falcons.

World Bird Wednesday LXIII          NF Winged 30

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13 kommentarer:

  1. It does look like a vulture!
    Truly a magnificent creature!

  2. Kul med lite annorlunda fågelbilder. Ha de gott. Anita

  3. what a wonderful shot!! :)

  4. Kul att få se! Den liknar verkligen en gam!
    Jag hade tur och fick en rovfågel hemma i trädgården!

  5. Nice shot!! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Very cool looking bird! I wish we had those here.

  7. Great sighting and shot of the Yellow Headed Carcara. We saw one of these standing in the road while we were in Panama. They are cool looking. Great shot!

  8. Impressive-looking bird!

  9. Great photo and an interesting bird.

  10. More amazing sights, Thanks for sharing the Caracara...


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