Anhinga - Anhinga anhinga - Snakebird

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Anhinga - Anhinga anhinga - Snakebird
 NF Photo 110204  Tarcoles River , Jungle Crocodile safari

If I translate the Swedish name for this bird it will be "snake neck bird". Very suitable I think.

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6 kommentarer:

  1. The snakebird sure does have a snake-like neck!

  2. That is a beautiful bird and it does look like a snake-neck..

    Yes, everything does come up in the thaw and we have had so little snow this season as we had our Winter Festival on the grass. Thank you for posting to Nature Notes and have a wonderful week...Michelle

  3. Great captures of the Anhinga. I also saw this bird in Costa Rica for the first time, it is a cool looking bird.

  4. What a beautiful capture of the bird...lovely and stoic looking.


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